My name is Tony Perez and I have away of going against the normal, more accepted customs of the world today and have paid dearly for it.

I believe we’re still newborns without knowledge of the true right and wrong, just forcing together the seams of whatever works at that time and Following what past failed generations have schooled us.  Who discovered America?

I don’t know everything, but I’ve come to understand a lot. Skipping down the path of wrongous I’m here to share my thoughts .


Email: planetvegas@gmail.com





Will it ever be my day?
Hopefully before the gray.
Never knowing if I will make it

Agents know that if it’s there, I’ll take it.

Chew me up
Spit me out
Pucker up, I’m the writing whore.
Show me off, take me on tour.

If I make it through the war and become head of the hunt,
I’ll finally be able to write what I want.

Tony Perez


2 Responses to “About”

  1. KellyLovee Says:

    Great job on the website! Keep up the good work, it looks awesome.

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