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Player’s AA

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Player’s AA
e’s on his way, what a display– living life one day at a time, cleaning up his act with the scent of pine. He’s changed—what an event. He has asked for forgiveness and has done his repents. It’s a full change, not just a dent. This is Player’s AA—Handcuff, Tie him up.tony111
This mission is for growth, this isn’t some hoax like three men on a boat. He’s as honest as a racing strip of coke. A new man—a number 10. These up to the minute morals can’t bend. Jumping into the hoop of fire, realizing life isn’t some circus; you need to hold your standards higher.
What was he thinking before? Chance after chance, it was only fucking with the romance. Told so many times that he won’t find someone better, that does all that they could do, but they’re not even here; not anywhere. That’s not hard to do. If they would have fought through the battles and seen through the war their relationship may have been hardcore—Armor, Gun fire, rockets blasting, blazing saddles, indoor aerobics for hours—night-to-day riding the Eiffel tower. Too much? What do you expect? It’s Player’s AA.



Don’t let the bugs bite

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Don’t let the bugs bite

Pulling my hair, biting my nails–Ambien sleeping pills and sex appeal, pull up a chair. Wet dreams and girls in wet white tees—orgasmic, shakes in the knees. They ask you, “What do you think of these?”. Say whatever you think they want

you to say and agree, “Whatever you like is for me”.

Then up your ass goes a finger that mind as well have been a knee, but you cry even more when they ask for you to pay a fee.

You would think you just did. Out of mouth, “Two grand? Holy shit, can we just bid? Hell, you should pay me.” She bites it off–I awake.

It’s a lick from a dog…but I don’t have a dog.