True Beauty

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True Beauty

If you asked me what I thought was beautiful, I would reply “What’s in front of me at the moment”.

I know under all construction there’s a foundation awaiting an unclear finished product, it’s only a modest certainty to going under and a far sight view for the far side.

Don’t be afraid to live; don’t be shy to speak, stay steady you’re made of light; Give yourself the best image of you and it shall be filed contagious.


Prince De Fairytale

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Prince De Fairytale

Les portes d’ouverture, me laissent obtiennent cela pour vous, celui que vous vouliez.

Est-ce que charme de prince-liness, papillons — 37cb8d9a287c

vous demandant, ceci peut être vrai ou sera-t-il toujours une grenouille?

Prodigué des baisers humide-d’or-cuillère-alimentés,

pourtant en s’avérant toujours toujours être la grenouille — qui est pourquoi j’écris cette notation

Je ne trouve jamais un compagnon pour mon âme ou mon GI Joe, même lorsqu’ils dépensent toute leur pâte.

Maintenez cette reproduction dans la serrure —de boîte il vers le haut, enterrez-l’au fort Knotts. Aucuns retours sur cet article.

D’un château mince de papier, ondulant son épée en plastique — l’action comme s’il était knighted un seigneur.

Complètement des tours magiques pratiqués il est un illusionist,

mais la dune profonde rien plus qu’un clown portant sa couronne de latex et installant agrée tous autour de la ville.

Rien mais un abruti général, mains vers le bas.

Fairytale Prince

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Fairytale Prince

Opening doors, let me get that for you, whatever you want.
Prince-liness charm, Butterflies—asking you,

can this be real or will he always be a frog? 37cb8d9a287c
Lavished in wet-golden-spoon-fed kisses,

yet still always turning out to be the frog—that’s why I’m writing this log.
I’m never finding a mate for my soul or my GI Joe, even when they spend all their dough.

Keep this replica in the box—lock it up, bury it at Fort Knotts. No returns on this item.
From a paper thin castle, waving his plastic sword–acting as though he was knighted a lord.
Full of practiced magic tricks he’s an illusionist,

but deep down nothing more than a clown wearing his latex crown and setting up franchises all around town.
Nothing but a general asshole, hands down.

Dust to Dawn: Chapter 1

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Dust to Dawn: Chapter 1

My heart is dry from the desert streets I ride.Vampire
I’m a dark cowboy in disguise,
with black leather trench,
dark glasses to match.

I ride a dark car, from dusk till Dawnand if you saw,

you would be lying dead dry on the side of road, with four holes on your neck.

I have red and black roses on my interior,
red rich wine,
to match a little surprise.
You’ll be dead at


Player’s AA

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Player’s AA
e’s on his way, what a display– living life one day at a time, cleaning up his act with the scent of pine. He’s changed—what an event. He has asked for forgiveness and has done his repents. It’s a full change, not just a dent. This is Player’s AA—Handcuff, Tie him up.tony111
This mission is for growth, this isn’t some hoax like three men on a boat. He’s as honest as a racing strip of coke. A new man—a number 10. These up to the minute morals can’t bend. Jumping into the hoop of fire, realizing life isn’t some circus; you need to hold your standards higher.
What was he thinking before? Chance after chance, it was only fucking with the romance. Told so many times that he won’t find someone better, that does all that they could do, but they’re not even here; not anywhere. That’s not hard to do. If they would have fought through the battles and seen through the war their relationship may have been hardcore—Armor, Gun fire, rockets blasting, blazing saddles, indoor aerobics for hours—night-to-day riding the Eiffel tower. Too much? What do you expect? It’s Player’s AA.


Leaving the nest

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Leaving the nest

May I take your hand, not in marriage just to dance?

Relationships anchor me down and are so last year, neDucklingsSnowver staying warm just spoiling threads in every nest.

I’d rather take my chances riding this one cold, with that you may think but, I’m never alone.

Quantity & Quality love in this than most relationships, I’m told.

Finding My Way

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Finding My Way40lrc-Demons

A rat trap, a cage, It’s all the same, Locked in these believed problems where you are the one to blame. To live, to die, I cry when trying to find my way. There really is no time to figure everything out or to find what you’re about. No time to find my way. What’s true, what’s false? Who’s trustful, who’s distrustful? What am I? Am I of the two, or something else?

pokerAngels cry tears of blood, while demons laugh at the world’s demise. Gods and Devils are playing cards. Not caring that the world is dying. The world isn’t worth God’s love or the devil’s hate. The human race is a joke. Once a race of beauty and fine arts, now a race of bums, scum, and good-for-nothings. Women are of an unsavory element and men are disreputable creatures.The human race had their chance to be loved and they ruined it, like everything they get their hands on.