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A spoon, a fork, the lit candles.
Both dressed for the the moment
Me in black; you in red, the same as the roses on the bed.

Me undressed; you unclothed, dressed for the moment again.
My lips to your neck; your soft noises to my ear.
A force gently pushed within you.
Moans, nails to my back, wet rushed kisses.
Pushing in, then quickly out–cooling heating
every need, every want, that is what we wish life was all about.

Now, to the point:
Loud moans from me, from you
Both at the same time.

No point anymore: yet some of us wish there to be more. Satisfied to every need. You holding me; I’m holding you side by side
Fast asleep.


I Did Not

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I Did Not:

When I died, I did not know I was to.
When I died, I did not say I wish to.
When I died, I did not say I wish to abandon you.

All I have to say is, “I love you.”

When you died, I did not know you were to.
When you died, I did not say I wish for you to.
When you died, I abandoned you.

For all I have to say is, “I love you.”

When I died, fate knew I were to.
When I died, fate knew I wish not to.

Fate knows,
the last thing I would want to do is abandon you.

I know it was fate, which was to do.
I know, I know.

All I have to say is, “I miss you.”

I wish fate were not such a bitch.
For I miss you so much, more than you know.

I love,
I love,


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When you walked into my life,
you gave my heart rebirth.
My heart before had no worth.
You opened your mouth and music came out.
Music with the sweetest tunes,
music of which can’t be found on earth,
until I found you.
I was amazed and slowly turning crazed.
Too enlightened to have any sense of sanity, because of you.

I slowly moved my ey
es up from your lips,
started a quest for other angelic features within you.
Your eyes so deep with the color blue,

filled with love that is true. music-notes
Eyes to make an angel cry.
I tried to stare,
your beauty was too strong for any man to bear.
My soul would die if you were to shed a tear.
I’m glad someone answered my prayer.


An Inner Kiss

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I look to her as she turns her back to me.
She walks away with tears in her eyes. With a heart broken like glass dropped on the floor, shattering to pieces.

Clouds row by, from up high. The sun blinds
my eyes and frees my mind with it’s beautiful
warm light. I call to her, she walks on

as if the wind carries my voice away. Not to
be heard. Words will do no harm, nor do they

any good. Actions speak to be heard only.

I put my hands up high to block the sunlight.
My feet hard to move. “Let them be free,”
crosses my mind. I release them to do so,

they move slowly–I pick-up speed. Wind blows
across my face, to my ears, peaceful music.

I swing my body infront of her. I fix my eyes on
her eyes. She pulls me in, holds me tight. Her
lips to my ear, whispers in. “Don’t be safe, let
yourself be free. Kiss me now, don’t hold back.”

I set my fears aside. My hands move slowly to
her face.

Lips to lips, I speak with whispers.
“No fears, just passion setting me free.”

Lips lock as if it’s forever lasting. Her eyes
close slowly. I free my eyes to do the same.

My hands from her face to her back,
holding tight and never wanting to let go.
Wind blows across and through us, not able
to end this moment.

Sun moves upon us from up high, giving our
skin a sweet warm feeling–just like this kiss.

This would be the longest, sweetest moment of my life…
an inner kiss.


Fairytale Prince

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Opening doors, let me get thatspanish_dancer_costume for you, whatever you want.
Prince-liness charm, Butterflies—asking you, can this be real
or will he always be a frog?

Lavished in wet-golden-spoon-fed kisses, yet still always turning out to be the frog–that’s why I’m writing this log.

I’m never finding a mate for my soul or my GI Joe, even when
they spend all their dough. Keep this replica in the box—lock it up, bury it at Fort Knox. No returns on this item.

From a paper thin castle, waving his plastic sword–acting as though he was knighted a lord. Full of practiced magic tricks he’s an illusionist,
but deep down nothing more than a clown wearing his latex crown and setting up franchises all around town.

Nothing but a general asshole, hands down.