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Leaving the nest

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Leaving the nest

May I take your hand, not in marriage just to dance?

Relationships anchor me down and are so last year, neDucklingsSnowver staying warm just spoiling threads in every nest.

I’d rather take my chances riding this one cold, with that you may think but, I’m never alone.

Quantity & Quality love in this than most relationships, I’m told.



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I walk in circles,

I notice my life isn’t what grunge circles
I really want it to be.

Yet, it’s that way.
How is it to change?
What must I do to break
the circles?

Everything is the same.
I sit here and think as
I do nothing but complain

Circles throughout my mind.
Circles throughout my heart.
Everything is just the same.
I wish they were clouds
so I could just blow them away.
But, they aren’t?



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When I look into your eyes, I’m
not supposed to feel anything, right?

But I do.

I feel that you’re something I want to kiss,questionmark
hold, and be with in the most deepest of ways.

Your smell makes temptations run wild.
You are a challenge, a challenge that can’t
be won.

I must get these thoughts, feelings, and

temptations out of my mind. I can’t have
I just can’t have you. That’s the way
it is.
You’re not for me,
I guess.



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Locked tight within your love,
I know everything isn’t right.
I love you so deep–with all of my might.
Enough to fly a kite without any wind,
Enough to paint the sea red with my own hands.

You turned everything around,
Made everything about me go away like a cloud.
I tried to put my foot down,
you always took it down.
You make me feel like a follower,
a puppet, and a clown.
You turned my love into hate,
you turned me inside out,
you make all of the sadness come out.

I only asked for you to show your love for me,
you didn’t. All you had to say was “no.”
You make me feel like I’m not on your level,
not worthy of your love,
not worth your time.
I would do better without you
without a doubt it’s over we’re
down for the count.