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I love you, I love you not

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I love youI love you not

People say it when they aren’t actually even in love or know what it is.

When they finally do know what it is, it’s too late.

When you do find something or someone to love, you will care more than anything.

Sadly it comes in time. Believe me I know, I have tap danced first hand with love.

On the wrong foot it’s the most deadliest mountain, but in the right hands it’s the

most amazing thing you will ever experience.

The thing with love, it’s like death, you can’t hide from it, it finds all,

it’s just the matter of how you deal with it.



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When I look into your eyes, I’m
not supposed to feel anything, right?

But I do.

I feel that you’re something I want to kiss,questionmark
hold, and be with in the most deepest of ways.

Your smell makes temptations run wild.
You are a challenge, a challenge that can’t
be won.

I must get these thoughts, feelings, and

temptations out of my mind. I can’t have
I just can’t have you. That’s the way
it is.
You’re not for me,
I guess.



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A spoon, a fork, the lit candles.
Both dressed for the the moment
Me in black; you in red, the same as the roses on the bed.

Me undressed; you unclothed, dressed for the moment again.
My lips to your neck; your soft noises to my ear.
A force gently pushed within you.
Moans, nails to my back, wet rushed kisses.
Pushing in, then quickly out–cooling heating
every need, every want, that is what we wish life was all about.

Now, to the point:
Loud moans from me, from you
Both at the same time.

No point anymore: yet some of us wish there to be more. Satisfied to every need. You holding me; I’m holding you side by side
Fast asleep.