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Leaving the nest

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Leaving the nest

May I take your hand, not in marriage just to dance?

Relationships anchor me down and are so last year, neDucklingsSnowver staying warm just spoiling threads in every nest.

I’d rather take my chances riding this one cold, with that you may think but, I’m never alone.

Quantity & Quality love in this than most relationships, I’m told.


Don’t let the bugs bite

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Don’t let the bugs bite

Pulling my hair, biting my nails–Ambien sleeping pills and sex appeal, pull up a chair. Wet dreams and girls in wet white tees—orgasmic, shakes in the knees. They ask you, “What do you think of these?”. Say whatever you think they want

you to say and agree, “Whatever you like is for me”.

Then up your ass goes a finger that mind as well have been a knee, but you cry even more when they ask for you to pay a fee.

You would think you just did. Out of mouth, “Two grand? Holy shit, can we just bid? Hell, you should pay me.” She bites it off–I awake.

It’s a lick from a dog…but I don’t have a dog.


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A spoon, a fork, the lit candles.
Both dressed for the the moment
Me in black; you in red, the same as the roses on the bed.

Me undressed; you unclothed, dressed for the moment again.
My lips to your neck; your soft noises to my ear.
A force gently pushed within you.
Moans, nails to my back, wet rushed kisses.
Pushing in, then quickly out–cooling heating
every need, every want, that is what we wish life was all about.

Now, to the point:
Loud moans from me, from you
Both at the same time.

No point anymore: yet some of us wish there to be more. Satisfied to every need. You holding me; I’m holding you side by side
Fast asleep.