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It Could Have Been

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It Could Have Been:

When I looked into your beautiful green eyes, I just knew that might be the last time I could ever look again.
I could have touched your sweet lips, yet, I didn’t, though I knew that might have been my last chance.

I hugged you tightly with all the strength in my arms and heart.
I wasn’t giving up on you, just trying to let you go.
I wish that things had been different.
I still love you deeply and there isn’t a moment that goes by where I don’t think about you.

Yet, there could have been even more hurt, more pain,
because of an additional amount of love.
Enough love to make people go against the odds,
odds of which would have spoiled our hearts.

I was leaving and you were staying,
hundreds of miles away.
Too far to hear each others heart beats.
Knowing all that, still if I would have looked deeper into your eyes,
my eyes passing down to your lips.

Mind goes blank.
Eyes close slowly as my lips get closer to yours.
Lips touch for the first time.
Your eyes close and you kiss me back.
Our first and only kiss.

Feelings would have gotten stronger.
I would still never see you again.

It would have been the end of me.
Yet, I just hugged you one last time.
It could have been a falling kiss.
——-In memory of Tina


Prince De Fairytale

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Prince De Fairytale

Les portes d’ouverture, me laissent obtiennent cela pour vous, celui que vous vouliez.

Est-ce que charme de prince-liness, papillons — 37cb8d9a287c

vous demandant, ceci peut être vrai ou sera-t-il toujours une grenouille?

Prodigué des baisers humide-d’or-cuillère-alimentés,

pourtant en s’avérant toujours toujours être la grenouille — qui est pourquoi j’écris cette notation

Je ne trouve jamais un compagnon pour mon âme ou mon GI Joe, même lorsqu’ils dépensent toute leur pâte.

Maintenez cette reproduction dans la serrure —de boîte il vers le haut, enterrez-l’au fort Knotts. Aucuns retours sur cet article.

D’un château mince de papier, ondulant son épée en plastique — l’action comme s’il était knighted un seigneur.

Complètement des tours magiques pratiqués il est un illusionist,

mais la dune profonde rien plus qu’un clown portant sa couronne de latex et installant agrée tous autour de la ville.

Rien mais un abruti général, mains vers le bas.

Fairytale Prince

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Fairytale Prince

Opening doors, let me get that for you, whatever you want.
Prince-liness charm, Butterflies—asking you,

can this be real or will he always be a frog? 37cb8d9a287c
Lavished in wet-golden-spoon-fed kisses,

yet still always turning out to be the frog—that’s why I’m writing this log.
I’m never finding a mate for my soul or my GI Joe, even when they spend all their dough.

Keep this replica in the box—lock it up, bury it at Fort Knotts. No returns on this item.
From a paper thin castle, waving his plastic sword–acting as though he was knighted a lord.
Full of practiced magic tricks he’s an illusionist,

but deep down nothing more than a clown wearing his latex crown and setting up franchises all around town.
Nothing but a general asshole, hands down.