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There was a time where we create, now we want to destroy, like troy—taking lives like they were toys; making decisions at a flip of a coin. No matter if its heads or tails, we’re off to war, No good reason for this tour. Finding yourself in a fox hole at nightfall wondering how this all got brought around. Solute your generals,
knell to your queens. For freedom? more like beans.


Officer Down

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My head goes round and round as the oil pours out.

I’m not made in color, but a thick and rich grade.

My friends and I will spend years, months, & days
here in bloodshed until “Their” de
als are met.

I will die for my home but I know this is wrong.

My votes aren’t counted–some sorta delay.

Only way to change on this end is for you to follow your pledge,
but you won’t even plant a tree for me.

I guess I’m dead & wind energy is out of the question, you
say it’s a mess.
It’s funny with greenhouse gases you still say
gasoline is the best.